Embedded Pole

We not only supply APG machine and molds,but also cast epoxy resin products for clients.

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    Embedded Pole


    Cast By Apg Machine Process:

    Embedded pole

    VS1 indoor vacuum circuit breaker(VCB) manufactured has complete specifications,with rated current up to3150A, rated short-circuit breaking current ip to 50kA. It the modular spring operating mechanism, which has the characteristics of convenient maintenance, rapid replacement of parts and reliable performance.

    Through advanced APG process,both the vacuum interrupter and the primary circuit adopt the solid sealed poles cast in the insulating cylinder by epoxy resin.This structure makes the primary electrical circuit isolated with the external environment. Compared with assembled insulated cylinders, the accessories, conductor joints and fasteners of embedded poles are mostly reduced. The accessories, conductor joints and fasteners of embedded poles are mostly reduced. The assembly is simple, avoiding the loosening of fasteners caused by vibration during transportation, and improving the reliability of products.

    In addition, the resistance of vacuum interrupter is very low. All of these reduce the power consumption and temperature rise of the VCB during long-term operation.The bellows in the vacuum interrupter avoid damage due to excessive contact and ensure the mechanical life of the operating mechanism.


    The load switch is a kind of switching device between the circuit breaker and the isolating switch. It has a simple arc extinguishing device that can cut off the rated load current and a certain overload current.

    Product Details:

    The load switch is mainly used to break and close the load current. The load switch can also be used in conjunction with a high-voltage fuse instead of a circuit breaker. Because the load switch is convenient and reasonable to use, the load switch is used in the 10kV distribution network system. Reasonable selection of load switches in the design is of great significance to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid.

    Embedded pole