APG Machine Video

Volmet company have rich experience to supply turn key project for client.

From APG technique and product consult; APG machine model selection; mold design and manufacture; raw material supply to technique training; and assisting clients to build production lines in a short time with reasonable cost. Offer clients high-efficiency machines, save labor costs, save factory space, save shipping costs, and save time.

So far we have helped more than 30 different countries’ clients build up production lines.

Below are some cases video

1.APG machine casting Current transformer

2.APG Press machine cast 36Kv potential transformer

3.APG injection machine cast insulator

4.APG injection machine cast SF6 load break switch

5.APG injection machine cast wall bushing

6. Cast bushing by Volmet APG machine

APG casting process

1.Installing and heating molds on mold plates

2.Pre-mixing compound

3.Injection mixed compound into molds

4.Post Curing

Client from all over world