Epoxy Resin Insulator APG Mold

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APG insulator mold for casting epoxy resin insulator,supply casting sample trail mold service

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    Our Advantages

    1.Mold material: high precision P20

    P20 mold steel has been pre-hardened to 285-330HB (30-36HRC), through hardened, tempered, nitride processes,  Mold surface hardness can reach 57-60HRC,The mold life can reach more than 1 million times.

    2.Talented and rich experience mold design team, ensure mold design is reasonable

    3.With advanced CNC machine, lath machine, milling machine etc guarantee mold machinery in high quality.

    4.Supply trail mold service, cast qualified samples before delivery mold, guarantee mold in good condition.

    APG Mold Production Flow Chat:

    APG mold Production flow chat


    Insulator apg mold used for casting epoxy resin insulator from 11-36KV
    1.Step 1: install insulator APG Mold on APG clamping machine
    2.Step 2: install accessories,inserts into APG mold.
    3.Step 3:Clamping apg machine,injection epoxy resin into mold.
    4.Step 4:Epoxy resin curing inside mold,open clamping plate,take out product.


    Shipping Mold:

    Support trail molds then delivery to customer.



    Trail mold,make voltage transformer samples before delivery after inspection:


    Support design epoxy resin insulators,design and machinery epoxy resin insulators mold.no matter vacuum casting mold or APG mold.