CT Toroidal Winding Machine

Short Description:

Application: Used for winding toroidal coils for current transformer and Rectifier.
Advantages: Most advanced PLC system,strong reliable operation;modularization design reduce maintenance cost; low noisy;save power.

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    Toroidal winding machine for current transformer is the new generation of winding equipment according to the power industry requirement and present manual winding technology of current transformer.

    Most advanced PLC system, it sets the procedures through the display screen, so as to extremely strong the reliable operation of the whole machine.

    Electric parts, designed in modularization, which can reduce the maintenance cost.

    Main driving operation, uses the frequency-conversion speed adjustment mode, which keeps the advantages of short driving chain, large startup torque, wide speed adjustment range,energy saving and low noise.

    Winding distribution adopts the stepping motor and high-precision reduction gear, which can solve the problem of traditional mechanical gear driving: error and uniform distribution. Such winding distribution control is the breakthrough of circular winding machine, and can realize the continuous stepping stepless adjustment from 0.01mm, and bring the convenient adjustment, high distribution precision and large torque.

    PLC programming technology, it has the machine tool wire-storage automatic computation, automatic counting, automatic stop,stop memory and so on, and simplifies the operation greatly.

    Support multi-wire winding mechanism, which can realize the dual-wire or multi-wire multi-layer winding, so as to overcome the technology difficulty of multi-wire circular coils winding of precise current transformer and to improve the production efficiency and product quality.

    Technical Datas:

    Model No. VOL-260A VOL-300B VOL-400C VOL-500D
    Wire Diameter 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-2.6mm 0.5-3.2mm 0.5-3.2mm
    Min Finished Inner Diameter 30mm 50mm 60mm 60mm
    Max Finished Outer Diameter 260mm 350mm 450mm 550mm
    Max Finished Height 70mm 100mm 140mm 250mm
    Max Winding Speed 100rpm 100rpm 100rpm 100rpm
    Power 0.75KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
    Size of Machine 600*1000*1200mm 700*1000*1300mm 700*1000*1400mm 850*1000*1500mm

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