Potential Transformer APG Mold 1 Cavity

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APG PT mold used for casting epoxy resin PT,supply casting sample trail mold service

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    Our Advantages

    1.Mold material: P20

    P20 die steel has been pre-hardened to 285-330HB (30-36HRC), and then hardened, tempered, nitrided, and nitrided to obtain a high-hardness surface structure. The surface hardness after nitriding can reach 650-700HV ( 57-60HRC) The mold life can reach more than 1 million times.

    2.Experienced mold design team, more then 25 years experience,ensure mold concept is reasonable

    3.High precision imported machinery equipment such as CNC machine, guarantee mold quality

    4.Supply trail mold service,cast qualitied products before delivery molds. have 6 APG clamping machines to trail molds.

    APG Mold Production Flow Chat:

    APG mold Production flow chat


    Potential transformer apg mold used for casting single pole voltage transformer,double poles voltage transformer from 11-36KV


    Epoxy Resin Voltage Transformer Apg Mold Casting Process By APG Mold Machine:

    1.Step 1: install voltage transformer APG Mold on APG injection machine
    2.Step 2: install accessories,inserts into APG mold.
    3.Step 3:Clamping apg machine,injection epoxy resin into mold.
    4.Step 4:Epoxy resin curing inside mold,open clamping plate, take out product.

    Epoxy resin voltage transformer apg mold casting process by APG mold machine

    Shipping Mold:



    Trail mold,make voltage transformer samples before delivery after inspection