AVOL-1010 Fully Automatic APG clamping machine

Short Description:

AVOL-1010-25 Fully automatic APG machine is an advanced, automatic and high-efficiency press machine, with an automatic control system, one-button run machine, Automatic close mold, injection, tilting machine, hold pressure and open mold.

Delivery time: 55 workdays

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    AVOL-1010 Fully Automatic APG Clamping Machine:



    They are used for producing epoxy resin components from 11-36KV, such as CT, PT, insulators, bushings, spout,SF6 cover, GIS, LBS etc.


    APG Machine Video


    Fully automatic control system with touch screen, Realize one-button run machine:
    -Full automatic system→ programmable, high efficiency, Low requirement for workers
    , he only needs to know to press the START button;
    Save labor costs, 1 worker can operate 2-4 machines; the machine finishes the casting process itself, not only Reduce work injuries,but also ensure product quality.
    Integrated machine design→ easy installation, saves shipping cost, saves factory space.
    Machine frame: Tempering and finishing machinery →Improve strength, avoid deformation, ensure high precision, avoid mold leakage
    Motor→ save energy, low noisy
    Safe fences→ Avoid work injure

    Customized part:
    Remote control function(optional)→ great help to training and troubleshooting online
    Big clamping force reach: 800KN
    Supply vacuum chamber between plates

    Technical Parameters:(Offer Customize Service Max Clamping Force:800KN)

    Model No. AVOL-8060-25 AVOL-8080-25 AVOL-1010-40 AVOL-1210-40
    Heating plate size (mm) 800X600 800X800 1000X1000 1000X1200
    Clamping force (KN) 250 250 400 400
    Speed of clamping close (m/min) 3.1 3.1 2.7 2.7
    Speed of clamping open (m/min) 4.8 4.8 3.1 3.1
    Distance between heating plates (mm) 150-1200 200-1500 200-1600 200-1600
    Heating power (KW) 12 20 24 24
    Hydraulic unit power (KW) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
    Tilting degree (°) 7° X axis,Y axis tilting optional
    Machine dimension (mm) 3750X970X2570 4500X1020X3730 4805X1220X4260 4805X1220X4260
    Machine weight (KG) 4300 5350 7700 7700

    Fully Automatic APG Machine At Client Site&Onsite Technical Training:

    We not only produce APG machines and molds but also offer technical training at the site, ensuring clients produce qualified products.

    Volmet brand Fully automatic gelation pressure(APG) clamping machine installed in client factory.

    Install Volmet brand apg machine and offer cast epoxy resin insulator technique training for client.

    36KV Epoxy Resin Insulator APG Technique Training:


    Fully Automatic Apg Machine Casting Production Process:


    Epoxy Resin Embedded Pole APG Technique Training:


    APG Press Machine Production Process:

    1. Milling machine frame: each side of the frame will milled by a vertical lathe machine, to ensure installation precision, and avoid mold leakage.

     2. Heating treatment for machine frame: Do 3 times of heat treatment for machine frame after welding. release interstress, and reduce machine deformation.


    Delivery apg machine to client, packed by wooden case and put the inside container


    APG Press Machine Delivery Process:

    After the qualified samples of the equipment and molds are prepared, we will carry out strict packaging to avoid damage to the equipment during transportation and smoothly deliver to the customer.