Indoor High Voltage SF6 Gas Load Break Switch (LBS)

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    Indoor High Voltage SF6 Gas Load Break Switch (LBS)


    Casting By APG Machine:

    Product Description
    indoor high-voltage SF6 load break switch, It is widely used in 11~24kV electric power distribution system , adopted with SF6 gas as an arc-extinguishing and insulation medium, including the three contactors for switching-on and switching-off and to-ground, and is characteristic in its small volume, its convenient installation and operation and its the great adaptability with surroundings.Indoor high-voltage SF6 load break switch and SF6 load break switch plus fuse combination can function to protect and control the electric equipments for power supply and transformer substations especially being suitable for ring net cabinet, cable branch cabinet and distribution switching substation. indoor high-voltage SF6 load switch and SF6 load break switch plus fuse combination are complied with the standards of IEC60265-1-1998, IEC60420 etc.

    Service Environment

    a)Air temperature
    Maximum temperature: +40℃; Minimum temperature:-35℃
    Monthly average humidity 95%; Daily average humidity 90% .
    c)Altitude above sea level
    Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
    d)Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas, vapor etc.
    e)No frequent violent shake

    Indoor High Voltage SF6 Gas Load Break Switch (LBS)SINGLEIMG (2)Indoor-High-Voltage-SF6-Gas-Load-Break-Switch-LBSSINGLEIMG-1-removebg-preview

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    10kv indoor high voltage load switch FLN36-12/630A hexafluorosulfur load switch SF6 load switch

    The load switch is a kind of switching device between the circuit breaker and the isolating switch. It has a simple arc extinguishing device that can cut off the rated load current and a certain overload current.

    Product Details:

    The load switch is mainly used to break and close the load current. The load switch can also be used in conjunction with a high-voltage fuse instead of a circuit breaker. Because the load switch is convenient and reasonable to use, the load switch is used in the 10kV distribution network system. Reasonable selection of load switches in the design is of great significance to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid.