Double Servo Double Layer Aluminum Foil Winding Machine

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    1Use of machines

    VOL -400-2/600-2/800-2 double servo double clamping foil winding machine produced by the company is a special equipment for winding reactor coils. The machine is a push-button type, with simple structure, easy operation and high reliability, which is the best equipment for winding reactor coils.

    Double servo double layer Aluminum foil winding machine1
    Double servo double layer Aluminum foil winding machine2
    Double servo double layer Aluminum foil winding machine3

    2Main technical parameters of the machine

     foil winding machine technical parameters

        VOL -400-2

    VOL -600-2

    VOL -800-2

    Order no.


    Technical reference number


    Coil working range


    The foil material width 50-400mm 50-600mm 50-800mm


    The material Copper/aluminum foil hickness0.1-2.0mm Copper/aluminumfoil hickness0.1-2.0mm Copper/aluminumfoil hickness0.1-2.0mm


    Foil feeding  ( 2 Set of )


    Uncoiler motor power 3000Nm  Tension motor 



    6000Nm  Tension motor 



    8000Nm Tension motor 




    Effective width of rack mm 450mm 650mm 850mm


    Increases and the scope of Ø460~ Ø 520 (mm) Ø460~ Ø 520 (mm) Ø460~ Ø 520 (mm)


    Rack bearing(Max)kg 1T 2T 2.5T


    When tight force 2500Nm*2 4500Nm*2 6500Nm*2


    Pressure of work 0~0.7 Mpa 0~0.7 Mpa 0~0.7 Mpa


    On the way (Move the left and right knobs) (Move the left and right knobs) (Move the left and right knobs)


    Coiler (2 sets) one set left/one set right


    Wind speed 0~30r/min 0~30r/min 0~30r/min


    Work torque(Max) ≥1560N.M*2 ≥1560N.M*2 ≥1560N.M*2


    Wind power Double servo4KW*2 Double servo5KW*2 Double servo7.5KW*2


    Speed way Digital control of motor speed Digital control of motor speed Digital control of motor speed


    Fixtures and fittings (2 sets)


    Minimum fixture range 10mm 10mm 10mm


    Maximum range of fixture 350mm 350mm 350mm


    The width of the jig 180mm 180mm 180mm


    Layer insulation device (2 sets)


    Insulated motor power 0.37KW*2 0.37KW*2 0.37KW*2


    tension pneumatic pneumatic pneumatic


    Insulating paper width 100-450mm 100-650mm 100-850mm


    Electric control system


    Encoder count (0-9999.9) (0-9999.9) (0-9999.9)


    Automatic welding (1 set)


    Welding width 400mm 600mm 800mm


    Theweldingmachine power Ac/DC  315 Ac/DC  315 Ac/DC  500


    The transmission way Linkage and manual


    Operating mode Control box

    3The machine is briefly

    VOL -400 double servo double-layer clamping foil winding machine is composed of: base, unwinding transmission box, layer insulation, winding box, control box, etc. The functions of the main components are briefly described below

    Uncoiling device: It includes uncoiling transmission box, bracing plate, rectifying motor, etc. As the uncoiling mechanism of foil belt, it has the functions of supporting material reel, uncoiling material releasing, and electric adjusting deviation, etc.

    The uncoiling mechanism has a spindle directly from the inside to the center of the external support plate. On the spindle is an outer sleeve connecting the opening and closing of 4 groups of support plates. The center is a screw, which can support the coil material on the feeding barrel. The main shaft can be operated actively in forward or reverse direction for uncoiling and discharging, which is convenient to adjust the working condition at any time. In linkage, the spindle is separated from the driving device by the action of the clutch. The main shaft is equipped with a press roller device, which can be used separately or in parallel. The press roller is pneumatic, which is easy to control and safe.

    Rectifying deviation adopts linear guideway, which is equipped with electric power motor, and the button on the control box is adjusted. The unwinding mechanism will move quickly and accurately along the linear guideway, so as to ensure the foil belt is in an accurate position and realize the function of foil belt rectifying deviation.

    Winding device:  ncludes reduction gear, clamping device, tailstock device;

    The winding machine and tailstock device adopt the same winding;

    The coiling machine is located in the left front of the equipment, and the output torque is clamped by the clamping device for the core winding. The mechanical strength and output torque of the coiling machine is the optimal consideration in the design. The design is based on the maximum size of the workpiece and the upper limit of the tightening force required by the process, adding enough margin configuration;

    The rewinding drive box is composed of thick steel plates welded together, annealed to remove stress and processed by high-precision machining. Transmission mode: the reducer is used to drive, which ensures the mechanical strength and the overall smooth operation of the equipment and the extremely low working noise when large torque is output.

    Adopt the servo digital speed regulation mode, through the input number, the low speed section provides the maximum torque, the appropriate speed. To meet the requirements of different winding process. Equipped with braking function, improve the operation of the equipment, the use of motor driven, abundant reserve power.

    Layer insulation device: The layer insulation device is a mechanism that supports the coil of insulating material and causes the insulating material to generate swelling force while winding and receding.

    The mechanism is composed of four parts, namely, air swelling shaft, bracket, driving system, pneumatic coupling, etc. Increase force pressure, clutch increase force, small, so that the layer insulation in the winding and back process to maintain the increase force state.

    Electronic control system:   Mitsubishi PLC, control box and button operation are adopted in Japan. Different instructions are given after winding through PLC control system operation, which is implemented by each system. Operators only need to input relevant working parameters in the counter, it is convenient to complete the mass production of the same specifications of the workpiece. Each device can also be operated manually through the control button, including inching, linkage, etc. An emergency stop button is set at the main console position and the main device to stop the machine in time in case of any abnormality, so as to ensure safety.