What is APG technology

APG is short for Automatic Pressure Gelation,the equipment called APG machine or APG clamping machine,Automatic Pressure Gelation technology is most advanced technology to casting epoxy resin CT,PT,insulators,bushings,embedded pole etc.with it鈥檚 high efficiency,super product quality,nice surface,more and more epoxy resin manufacturer adopt APG machine to casting aboave products.

APG technology basic principle is:

1.Mixing epoxy resin compound under high vacuum level.

2.injection mixed resin compound into pre-heat mould,

3.wait material curing inside mould for sometime.

4.open APG clamping machine plate,take out product

5.send product into oven for post curing.

From step 2-4,casting 11KV CT,within 20mins.Conventional vacuum casting have to take few hours.

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