VOL-800 HV Transformer Coil Winding Machine

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    Automatic Wire Laying Winding Machine Application:

    Automatic Wire-laying Winding Machine is mainly used for winding coil of medium and small size transformers.

    Main technology parameters(It can customized according to customers’ requirements)

    Model No. VOL-800 with 1-3 head
    Height of mandrel 850mm
    Length of mandrel 1100mm
    Width of mandrel 50*50mm customized
    Working torque 1000NM
    Min inner coil diameter 80mm
    Max outer coil diameter 800mm
    Round wire diameter 6-32 AWG
    Winding power 4KW
    winding speed 0~375r/min
    Max saving no.s of turns 9999.999
    Max. loading 600KG
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    Features Of Automatic Coil Winding Machine For Transformer Coil

    It is made up with main winding machine, automatic servo motor device, layer-insulator device, tension adjustable pay-off device, air-operated system, PLC system control and servo system. With high automatic, complete functions and strong power functions, greatly improve the tightness of winded coil.

    1: Purpose. Special equipment for reactor coils.

    2: Features: The triple transformer automatic arranging and winding machine is specialized in improving the production efficiency of reactor manufacturers, and researches, develops and designs multi-head reactor coil winding production and production.

    3: This machine uses Delta servo motors, high-precision ball screws, and linear guides as the cable drive device, and the winding mechanism uses a motor, a reducer variable box to drive the tailstock and other assemblies.

    4: Stable parking, automatic winding counting, power-off memory function. Encoder counting, double foot switch forward and backward control. Adopt Taiwan Delta inverter control.

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    5.The touch screen can be set to 10 segments

    6.The speed of the three-head wire arrangement machine is 0-210 RPM, and the three-head wire arrangement stroke is 0-200mm per section. The distance between each coil is 80mm.

    7. Round wire tension feeding rack:

    8.The round wire tension unwinding rack is produced by pneumatic and (pneumatic brake) control methods to ensure that the tension adjustment can always reach the ideal state.

    9.Φ0.6-Φ4.0 round wire adopts floor-type pay-off rack clamping device with pneumatic spring: the electromagnetic wire passes through the wool felt clamping device from the middle of the thread passer, and the pressure on the thread press is pressed by the wool felt Magnet wire. The wire passes through the tensioner roller, and the outgoing wire passes through the pneumatic spring wheel and the wire passing wheel. When winding, the pneumatic spring will be automatically pulled down by the wire, and when it stops, the pneumatic spring will automatically rise to prevent the coil wire from loosening.

    High Voltage Transformer Coil Winding Machine Details

    1. The equipment adopts a gear mechanical transmission system, which has high efficiency.

    2. It can realize record 10 process parameters. It is possible to record multiple product storage parameters. When changing products, you do not need to input data every time, just call out the existing data, and click download to immediately call up all the processing data of the product.

    3. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the brake is controlled by the frequency converter, and the frequency conversion speed regulation range is wide, accurate and stable.

    4. The wiring is controlled by servo motor and PLC, and the high-definition touch-screen operation screen is used for display. The imported ball screw drive and linear guide rail are used to meet the precision of wiring.

    5. There is a tension function on the cable arrangement, and the tension can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different wire gauges. For the square structure of the amorphous coil, a pneumatic device is installed near the wire arrangement to solve the problem of pulling the enameled wire when the coil passes the corner. The original insulation effect of the enameled wire is guaranteed.

    6. According to different wire gauges, it is convenient to set the automatic wire arrangement pitch. During winding, possible errors can be manually adjusted to ensure tight coils.

    7. The total number of turns can be preset, and the total number of turns can be set up to 99999 turns. The device has a power-off protection function and can be counted reversibly.

    8. The tailstock of the main winding shaft can realize the rapid movement and disassembly of the coil, which is convenient and safe to disassemble the coil.

    9. The tension feeding rack adopts pneumatic, and the tension is adjustable and constant; the base of the tension feeding rack is equipped with a movable guide rail and an electric control system, which can realize the synchronous wiring and stepping with the main winding axis.

    4. Description of other requirements

    1: According to the width of the wire (circle wire according to the diameter), the automatic wire arrangement pitch can be set on the CNC box. Due to the error of the wire size, during the winding process, the pitch of the wires can be adjusted randomly, and the compensation can be done directly on the CNC box. When each layer of coils is started, the touch screen can be operated to position the wires to eliminate the cumulative error of the mechanism.

    2: After the inverter is powered, adjust the knob on the operation box to easily change the winding speed.

    3: Operating the touch screen interface, it can control the forward rotation and reverse rotation, and the counter also displays the increment and decrement numbers.

    4: When winding, step on the foot switch to directly control the open, stop, jog, or continuous operation. During operation, the speed knob of the inverter can be operated at any time for stepless speed regulation.

    5: The round wire below ¢1.0 needs to be equipped with a buffer structure for preventing wire breakage.

    6: The brake device of the pneumatic unloading rack is required to be able to brake on both sides.

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    High Voltage Transformer Coil Winding Machine Delivery And Package

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