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Applications: Insulation paper and tapes mainly used for bend current transformer and voltage transformer cores for insulating purpose.

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    Volmet Supply Raw Material For Producing CT, PT Insulator, Bushing:

    Volmet is professioal supply epoxy reisn and all kinds of insulating tapes for bending current transformer,voltage transformer active parts.our stable quality products include: epoxy resin,flame retardant resin,curing agent,outdoor modifier,toughening agent,epoxy paste,demoulding agent and fillers.
    For insulating tapes,we have: PMP paper, semi conductive tapes,fish paper, creep paper,self-adhensive tapes.

    Epoxy Resin And Hardener Appliactions:

    used for producing epoxy resin current transformer,voltage transformer,insulators,bushing,contact box,SF6 cover,embedded pole etc as below photo shows:


    Insulating Tapes Applications:

    used for bending current transformer and voltage transformer active parts(coils):


    Black Semiconductive Crepe Paper


    Semiconductor Crepe Paper Introduction Product Introduction:

    It is made of cable paper by mechanical processing. Substrate thickness 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.13mm;
    Conventional width: 20, 25, 30, 40mm
    Product features: regular wrinkles, no impurities, small holes, watermarks, neat edges, uniform thickness
    Product use: This product is mainly used for insulating parts of various electrical appliances such as transformers and transformers.
    Yellow crepe paper for warping CT,PT coil

    Fish paper

    Fish Paper

    Fish papersingliemg

    Green shell paper 6520 polyester film insulating paper soft composite material (insulation grade: E level), it is a double-sided composite material made of polyester film coated on one side with an adhesive and pasted with insulating cardboard (ie, green shell paper) . It has strong tensile strength, longitudinal and transverse bending, temperature resistance of 130℃, voltage resistance of 4000 volts, excellent dielectric properties and mechanical strength. It is a shaped insulating material for the production of small and medium-sized low-voltage asynchronous motors. It is insulated in class E In the material structure, this composite material is commonly used as slot insulation, turn-to-turn and liner insulation, and is usually suitable for electromechanical and transformer insulation.


    Technical Data:
    Appearance: Smoothness, non-blistering, non-folding

    Thickness and Tolerance:
    0.075mm±0.01,      0.10mm±0.01

    Breakdown Voltage:
    0.075mm—8kv,      0.10mm—10kv

    Tensile Strength (MD):
    0.075mm—more than 80 N/10mm
    0.10mm—more than 100 N/10mm

    Thermal Class: B(130℃)
    Standard: IEC 60626-3:1988

    Self Bonding Rubber Tape


    High Voltage Self-fusing Rubber Tape

    Special rubber tape, high tensile and elasticity, high voltage tolerance, excellent air tightness, good weather and aging resistance,strong corrosion resistance.

    Characteristic:Special rubber tape, high tensile and elasticity, high voltage tolerance, excellent air tightness, good weather and aging resistance,strong corrosion resistance.

    Application: For insulating protection of the end or middle connections of wire and cable with 69kV(35#), 35kV(30#),20kV(25#),10kV(20#),1kV(10#),or below on the environment temperature between -10℃~80℃, insulating sealing for communications cable connections, pipeline protection, remedy and sealing.

    Technology Data:

    Type Unit 10# 20# 25# 30# 35#
    Thickness mm 0.76 0.76 0.5 0.76 0.76
    Tensile Strength MPa 0.8 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.2
    Elongation % 400 500 500 500 600
    Disruptive Strength kV/mm 10.0 10.0 12.0 12.0 15.0

    Remark: The upwards data on this catalogue is typical values,only for reference,the actual product data is according to the actual test result.

    PT Active Coil

    PT active coil