Epoxy reisn SF6 load switch

SF6 load switch

FL(R)N36-12D SF6 load switch is an advanced electrical component developed and designed by itself on the basis of the advanced technology of SF6 load switch at home and abroad. This series of load switches is divided into FLN36-12D type (with K-type single-spring operating mechanism) and FLRN36-12D (with A-type double-spring operating mechanism). The SF6 load switch adopts SF6 gas as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium. There are three stations inside the switch: load closing, grounding closing, load and grounding opening. FLRN36-12D load switch and fuse can be combined into a load switch-fuse combination, which has control and protection functions, and can be used for the protection and control of electrical equipment in power supply and substations.

SF6 load switch structure and principle

The SF6 load switch consists of two parts: the main body of the switch and the mechanism box. The main body of the switch is sealed with two upper and lower epoxy resin shells. The main circuit and the grounding circuit are placed in the air chamber filled with SF6 gas. The operating mechanism is installed in front of the main body of the switch. The output arm of the operating mechanism drives the main shaft in the main body. Complete the closing and opening actions of the main circuit and the grounding circuit, as shown in Figure 3.

The load switch-fuse combination is composed of FLRN36-12D SF6 load switch plus tripping system, upper and lower fuse holders, fuse and lower grounding knife. After the fuse is blown, the striker pushes the buckle plate in the tripping system, which makes the main circuit of the load switch open; the lower grounding knife acts synchronously with the grounding circuit in the load switch.

The operating mechanism is divided into two types: K-type and A-type: K-type is a dual-function single-spring operating mechanism, which is used for the opening and closing operation of the load switch, and the operation lever or motor is used to independently perform the opening and closing operation; A type is a dual-function dual-function operating mechanism. Spring-operated mechanism for switching on and off of load switch-fuse combinations. It can be operated manually, shunt trip coil or fuse striker strike.

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