Epoxy automatic pressure gel (APG machine)forming

Epoxy automatic pressure gel forming technology (APG) is a form of pressure gel process; it can shorten the production cycle of epoxy insulation products from ten hours to ten minutes; and can better control the exothermic effect ;It is beneficial to compensate for the shrinkage caused by the curing reaction; it has outstanding advantages such as excellent dimensional stability and high mechanical strength; it is widely used in the production of medium and low voltage epoxy insulation products; double-pass casing is used as XGNI05-I2 inflatable cabinet It is also particularly important for the research on its manufacturing process; this paper mainly studies the molding temperature, injection pressure, holding pressure, etc. that affect the casting quality of the product; determine the parameters that affect the casting of the double-pass casing ;

The Volmet epoxy resin聽Automatic聽pressure gel molding machine comprises a bottom plate, a lower template is installed on the top of the bottom plate, a material stripping plate is arranged between the lower template and the bottom plate, a concave mold core is arranged inside the lower template, and the The inside of the female die core is provided with a voltage transformer injection blank body, the front of the lower die plate is provided with a cooling liquid interface, and the side surface of the lower die plate is provided with a cooling fluid return interface, and the top of the bottom plate is located on both sides of the lower die plate A guide post is provided, and the guide post is nested inside the guide sleeve. In the utility model, a cooling channel surrounding the die core is arranged inside the lower formwork, which can be rapidly cooled by water cooling after the epoxy resin is solidified for a period of time , In order to improve the manufacturing efficiency, at the same time, it is safer during automatic demoulding, and no burns will occur. The hydraulic automatic demoulding method is adopted, which has high demoulding efficiency and low labor intensity. A set of molds can be reused many times, reducing manufacturing costs.聽

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