Different between APG technique and vacuum casting technique

There have two technologies to cast epoxy resin current transformer
the old one and traditional one is by vacuum casting tank,called vacuum casting technology,The second latest technology is APG (automatic pressure gelation ) technology ,the casting machine is APG clamping machine,also called APG machine,epoxy resin apg machine,Now APG machine is first choice of users.because below advantages:
(Below photo are 2 insulators cast by APG machine and vacuum casting tank)

(Below photo is apg machine and vacuum casting tank)

1.Production Efficiency,Take produce 10KV CT as example,you can get a qualified CT within 30 mins。
2.Investment,The price of APG machine about 55000-68000USD
3.Installation,only need connect electric,then can run machine
4.Electrical Performance,partial discharge, Chemical resistance, electrical insulation, strength resistance are greatly improved,we have testing equipments in company.
5.Automation Degree:There only need 1-2 workers operate the machine, the efficiency is greatly raised but the intensity of labor is decreased.just need control keys on power cabinet.
6.Operation,It’s easy operate APG machine, our engineer will show how to operate it and we also have user manual to guide operate our machine, no need pay high salary to hire professional engineers to operate machine.

APG machine casting bushing process,4 steps:
1.install mold on apg machine clamping plate
2.Inject material into mold
3.Curing material inside mold
4.Open mold,take product from apg clamping machine

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