Cast epoxy resin current transfomer two methods

Epoxy resin current transformers (epoxy resin instrument transformer)are used to step-down current to defined values, and thus provide standardized, useable levels of current in a variety of power monitoring, measurement and protection applications while insulating the measurement and protection equipment from high system voltage.
Whether the current transformer is provided for indoor or outdoor installation, different epoxy mixture is used.

There have two technologies to cast epoxy resin current transformer
1.the old one and traditional one is by vacuum casting tank,it casting process is,mixed material above the vacuum chamber fill material inside CT mold ,it is inside vacuum chamber,it can fill 4-8 molds at same time,depend on the vacuum casting system size.the chamber with vacuum and heating function,after 6-10 hours,when the material cured inside mold,workers can take out mold and release product from mold.below is reference photo of vacuum casting machine.

2.The second latest technology is APG (automatic pressure gelation ) technology ,the casting machine is APG clamping machine,also called APG machine,epoxy resin apg machine, Automaitc pressure gelation apg machine,apg equipment,this technology is higher efficiency,save space,easy installation,higher product quality.smaller size,etc,because of these advantages,more and more CT manufacturer choose APG machine to casting their products.

Casting process.
-1, install mould on apg machine clamp plate →heat it up to 60°C→open mould, brush mould release agent →close mould
-2, pre-mixing casting compound in vacuum pot →turn off vacuum valve when vacuum gage show -0.1→release vacuum, push vacuum pot nearby APG machine→
-3, APG machine Add pressure into vacuum pot and start injecting cast compound into mold, release pressure →open mold →take out products
-4 ,Curing. Move product in to oven.

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