APG technology 2

The APG process includes three processes: pre-mixing, automatic gelation under pressure, and hardening after molding. Once the metal insert is installed in the mold, the temperature of the mold is preheated to 80 to 100°C higher than the temperature of the epoxy resin mixture, that is, to 140 to 160°C. Then through the pressure system of the APG equipment, the epoxy resin mixing system in the storage tank (which has been defoamed in a vacuum) is pressed into the mold cavity through the pipe, and the mixture of the epoxy resin and the high temperature mold wall of the mold quickly heats up exchange. Since the epoxy resin mixture near the mold wall reaches a high temperature state in a short time, the epoxy resin mixture quickly undergoes a curing reaction and gels near the mold wall and the gel. The curing shrinkage of the epoxy resin mixture is quickly rebuilt by the liquid epoxy resin mixture under pressure in the center of the mold cavity. Under the pressure in the storage tank, the epoxy resin mixture is continuously updated throughout the mold cavity to remove the gel in the epoxy resin mixture. The pressure in the entire system is not released until all the epoxy resin mixture in the entire cavity is gelled.

2. The uniqueness of the epoxy shaft automatic gluing (APG) process technology is that by continuously applying constant pressure to the epoxy resin mixture, the purpose of forcibly completing the curing shrinkage can be achieved. This process is completed in the mold at a very high temperature, so the highly reactive epoxy resin mixture quickly gels in a short time. Therefore, the product has no defects on the surface, low internal stress, dense cured product, good consistency, high dimensional accuracy, excellent electromagnetically performance, and high product success rate. Since the gel time is usually completed within a few minutes to tens of minutes (depending on the size of the mold), it can significantly improve the use of the mold and shorten the production cycle. Since the APG process is carried out in a complete closed system equipment, it does not pollute the environment, saves energy and saves working time. Basic characteristics of APG industry:

(1) At room temperature (25°C), the pot life of epoxy resin mixture is 1 to 2 days; at 40°C to 45°C, the pot life is 6 to 8 hours; at high temperature (140 to 160°C), The preparation system has high reactivity, can quickly gel in a short time, and is controlled and guaranteed by reliable equipment and process parameters.

(2) The mold temperature of the product is 80~100°C higher than the temperature of the epoxy mixing system, so that the gelation process of the curing reaction starts to diffuse into the epoxy resin mixture from the mold wall.

(3) During the curing reaction process of freezing the entire epoxy resin system, maintain the pressure of the mixture so that the epoxy resin mixed system is pressed into the cavity at a constant pressure, and the volume of the additional system is withdrawn to the gap formed during the freezing process.