APG technique history and Volmet service

In the early 1970s, the epoxy resin automatic pressure gel (APG) technology was successfully developed abroad. This was only when the material science developed to a certain level, the theory of the epoxy resin rapid prototyping technology was realized. In recent years, China’s power transformer industry has introduced a complete set of equipment, formulations and supporting chemical materials of APG technology from abroad, which has greatly improved the quality of the overall insulation structure of China’s epoxy resin. Epoxy resin pressure gel (APG) technology can be applied For thin insulation (without filler) and thick insulation (with filler) structure, it has been widely used in major switch factories and transformer industries in China. In recent years, the supporting epoxy resin, curing agent, toughening agent for APG technology The localization of materials such as agents and accelerators has made breakthroughs in the research on replacing imported materials, and has been successfully applied to imported APG technology equipment in normal and batch applications. Its cured products and integral insulation power transformers. The quality and performance fully meet the required technical standards. At the same time, the complete set of APG technology equipment designed and manufactured according to China’s national conditions has also been officially put into operation, and has achieved extremely ideal technology, economic benefits and effects. Conclusion: The digestion and absorption of foreign technology and chemical materials should be carried out in an all-round way, and innovation should be carried out, only analyzing the materials without fully understanding the characteristics of the entire process and equipment, blindly imitating foreign materials with the same structure, rather than exploring the characteristics of the entire process, Such domestic materials cannot be used in the actual production process.
While producing APG equipment, Volmet company can provide customers with molds, materials and processes to ensure that customers produce qualified products, provide users with a full range of one-stop services, and solve the problems of difficult and slow production for customers.

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