first super-large fully automatic double-station epoxy resin press (APG clamping machine)

Warmly celebrate the birth of the industry鈥檚 first super-large fully automatic double-station epoxy resin press (APG clamping machine). It is about to arrive at the customer鈥檚 factory and create a miracle for the customer.
The super APG machine is designed and manufacture by Volmet company,
1.Double station greatly improve efficiency.
2.Fully automatic system,realize one button run apg machine,workers only need take product from apg mold,save labor cost,improve efficiency
3.Save salary,no need hire experienced engineer to operate machine.
4.Save shipping cost and factory space
5.Easy operation
6.High product quality
The epoxy resin APG machine clamping force reach 400Kn,with big mold plate,can support produce big epoxy resin products at same time,fully automatic system ensure that product quality not effect by manual mistake.
Such big apg machine requires very careful design and calculation, and the processing capacity of the equipment is also very high, so as to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly and be durable.
APG technique is the most advance and efficiency technology to cast epoxy resin current transformer,voltage transformer,insulator,bushing,contact box,SF6 circuit breaker,Volmet professional APG casting machine,APG mold,epoxy resin,hardener,and all kinds of inserts for epoxy resin products.
We also supply turn key project,supply apg technique training,everything client can use of machine cast qualified products.

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