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    Insulation Operation Bar Application

    The insulating tie rod includes an insulating rod and a joint arranged at the end of the insulating rod, a screw device is also arranged between the insulating rod and the joint, and the insulating rod is connected with the joint through the screw device.

    The stress area of the entire insulating rod is transferred to the spiral device, which greatly reduces the load of the insulating rod and the damage to its own material, improves the shear strength and the tensile strength of the insulating rod, and according to different voltage standards, The tensile strength of the utility model can reach stably such as 40kN, 60kN, 100kN. . . and other standard grades; and the dispersion is very small, which solves the problem of easy breakage of the high-voltage switch rod, and meets the requirements of tensile strength required by various domestic circuit breakers; at the same time, when the end of the insulating rod is covered with a joint, the The part is coated with adhesive, which further improves the sealing performance and bonding strength between the joint and the insulating rod, so that the performance is stable, safe and reliable, the assembly process is simplified, and the production cost is reduced. [1] An insulation test is required every 12 months to ensure the integrity of the insulation rods.

    Insulation Operation Rod Series

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