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VOL -1000/2 Foil Winding Machine is the latest designed motor driven foil winding machine for winding the low voltage foil coil for transformer. It can wind cylindrical coils and rectangular coils.

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Uncoiling device 2 sets
Scissors device 2 sets
Layer insulation uncoiling device 2 sets
Welding unit (Including a TIG welder) 1 set
Foil winding system 1 set
End insulation device 2 sets
Electrical control system 1 set
Rectification device 2 sets
Layer insulating cutting device 1 set
Foil edge burr remover device 2 sets
Foil edge clean device 2 sets


3.1 Coil processing specifications

Axial length (mm) 350~1000
Axial effective length(with terminal)mm 1400
Outer diameter of coil(with terminal)mm Ø1100
Outer diameter of coil (without terminal )mm Ø900
Min. Inner diameter of coil (mm) Ø100
Form of coil Round, Rectangular
Material Copper foil、Aluminum foil
Width range of coil (mm) 350-1000
Thickness of foil (mm) Copper foil :0.3-2; Aluminum foil 0.5-3
Coil inner diameter mm ≤Ø500
Coil outer diameter(Max)mm Ø900


3.2 De-coiler specifications

Effective length of roller mm 1010
Roller shrinkage range Ø 460~ Ø 520
Roller load(Max)kg 2000
Tension 12000 N
Pressure 0~0.6 Mpa
Rectify mode Automatic, sensor system
Rectification precision (mm) ±0.5
Electronic control counting digits  Five(0-9999.9)


3.3 Winding specifications

Winding speed(speed stepless) 0~30r/min
Working torque(Max) ≥2000 N.M
Winding power (KW) 15
Speed adjusting mode Frequency Stepless Speed Adjustment
Winding shaft length (mm) 60*60*1550


3.4 Welding specifications

Welding method TIG Argon tungsten-arc welding (500A)
Welding corner 0-60°
Welding speed (m/min) Frequency Stepless Speed Adjustment 0-1


3.5 Scissors device

Shear form Screw rod cutting disc
Shearing speed 1.5m/min
Sheared length (mm) 1000
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{Picture of layer insulation device} 

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{Picture of end insulation device} 

3.6 Layer insulation

Layer insulation installed shaft 2 sets
Outer diameter of insulating paper (mm) ≤Ø400
Inner diameter of insulating paper (mm) Ø76
Width of insulating paper (mm) 1050
Installed axle Pneumatic style


3.7 End insulation

Quantity 2 sets
Outer diameter of end insulation (mm) ≤ Ø350
Inner diameter of end insulation (mm) Ø56
Width of end insulation (mm) ≤50


3.8 Others

Layer insulating cutting device 1 set
Foil edge burr remover device 2 sets
Foil edge clean device 2 sets
70*70  60*60 square shaft Configure one piece (customize)
Transmission mode Linkage、Manual
Operation mode PLC control, touch screen operation;the man-machine interface


4.1 Uncoiling device

Including the uncoiling transmission case、pedestal、bracing plate、motor、rectification、 roller feed etc structure, as foil uncoiling device,have support material、uncoiling feeding、adjusting servo function etc.

Uncoiling device main shaft has square section,through three groups link rod support,coil can be hold tight on the roller. Main shaft can uncoil to feed and wind ,easy to adjust working condition.When linkage,through the clutch make shaft and actuating device to separate.Main shaft has press roller device,can independently or parallel use. Press roller adopt E-pneumatic, easy to control, clean safely.

Rectification adopt roller clutch,with the power system,According to the instructions of the PLC control system,uncoiling device will follow gib block move around quickly and accurately.In order to ensure the foil testing signal feedback of selvedge detector in the accurate position all the time,achieve the rectification function of foil.

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{Picture of de-coiler device}

4.2 Layer insulation device:

Layer insulation device is to support the insulation material and make insulation generate tension during winding;

The device is consist of scroll, clutch, motor and controller.Convenience for feeding ,stent can be pulled out ;take down air swelling shaft,put on coil stock and push in ,make shaft end gear enter into damping device and then meshing,this moment, drive and damping function will act on insulation materials fixed on air swelling shaft. make layer insulation keep tension state in the process.the device have EPC control system,adopt hook ,through screw, using the hand wheel to conduct manual type rectification,simple structure, easy to operate.

4.3 Welding device:

This welding device meet the foil tape and leading wire welding;Welding device installed on the winding transmission box, the welding arm can run around on the bedplate, after finishing the welding process, welding arm move back to the right, empty out the winding position, easy for winding operation;In order to adapt to lap welding, stud welding, butt welding, welding torch arm can make a large angle oscillation and the adjustment of the length, the welding torch clamp can customize according to the actual or be designed for replacement, welding torch device design several regulating function, can according to operating habits adjust at will.

Welding torch device installed on the straight line guide rail, through the motor (reducer), lead screw drive, can be adjusted to various position to adapt to the different forms of welding, using inverter infinitely adjustable-speed, can be very convenient to adjust welding speed.

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{Picture of welding device}

4.4 Feeding device and deburring device:

This system consists of  smooth roll shaft, feed roller, slide block device, driving system, foil via light roller, roller  clamp foil tape by the cylinder ,remove burrs on the edge of the foil tape at the same time, the motor drive to achieve the purpose of feeding, cylinder lift stop feeding.

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4.5 Detection edge device:

Adopt photoelectric selvage detector, responsive, high accuracy, can adjust with different width of the foil belt.

4.6 Dust removal device:

Fixed wool felt on square tube, pinned foil by air cylinder go upward and downward to remove dust, special governor valve to adjust air pressure based on actual needed.

4.7 Paper cutting axle:

This machine have paper cutting axle design., no dead angle.

4.8 Electric control system:

Adopts Japan Mitsubishi PLC system control, touch screen with button design, all programs (such as winding, correcting, turns controlling)will be counted by PLC control system, and send different instructions, then carry out the instructions by programs. The operator only need enter related parameters to finish mass production with same coil diameter. This machine can also operate manually by push buttons, such as jog and linkage, it also setting several emergency buttons on the main console and important console to stop machine on time when appear. emergency affairs. All operations of this system can be operated by main console.

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{Picture of distribution cabinet}


PLC Japan Mitsubishi
Touch screen DELTA
AC vector converter DELTA

Low-voltage apparatus


6.Transformer Foil winding machine delivery and package

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