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PT secondary winding machine

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Applications: Used for winding R shape closed coil for potential transformer,for winding secondary PT coils.
Solves the problem of large manual winding labor intensity,
Low working efficiency,
Incorrect turns of enclosed voltage transformer,
Greatly improves the production efficiency.

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Secondary potential voltage transformer winding machine

VOL-480 Potential transformer winding machine for winding secondary coil:

The main control system of winding machine adopts the international most advanced PLC from Japan Mitsubishi, all data are set by the touch panel, and it can automatically compute the wire length. The core fixed part of this machine is made up of transverse movable ball rail and longitudinal adjustable working bench. When winding, user can adjust the working bench position according to the iron core thickness, length and width, to keep the proper position among the iron core, winding ring and shuttle, thus, the winding ring and iron core produces the relative motion when winding, so as to realize the winding of secondary Coil.


VOL-480 Potential transformer winding machine for winding secondary coil:


VOL-480 Secondary Potential transformer winding machine winding process:



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