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APG epoxy resin pressure gel molding machine–Volmet

Epoxy resin high-voltage bushing refers to a device that allows one or more conductors to pass through a partition such as a wall or a box, and plays an insulating and supporting role. It is an important equipment in the power system. During the manufacturing, transportation and maintenance process of high-voltage bushings, latent defects may remain due to various reasons; during long-term operation, they are affected by electric field and conductor heating, mechanical damage and chemical corrosion, and atmospheric conditions. Defects will gradually arise.
Epoxy resin high-voltage bushings are mainly used for grounding insulation of incoming and outgoing lines of power equipment such as transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, and high-voltage circuits passing through walls. There are three types of high voltage bushings: single dielectric bushing, composite dielectric bushing and capacitive bushing. The main insulation of the capacitive bushing is composed of a coaxial cylindrical series capacitor bank formed by a layered insulating material and a foil-like metal electrode wound on a conductive rod. According to different insulating materials, it is divided into adhesive tape and oil-paper capacitive bushing.
In the operation of epoxy resin high-voltage bushing, the main insulation has to bear the action of high voltage, and the conductive part has to bear the large current. The main faults are poor connection of internal and external electrical connectors, damping and deterioration of casing insulation, lack of oil in casing, partial discharge of capacitor core and discharge of end screen to ground, etc.
Use Volmet’s APG epoxy resin automatic pressure gel forming machine to produce sleeves, providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency, high-automation equipment, reducing labor costs and improving product qualification rates.

Post time: Feb-25-2022