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Injection Epoxy Resin VOE-9216D/VOH-9216D

Short Description:

Applications: We supply both indoor and outdoor type epoxy resin, hardener, silica powder,pigment. As the raw material for casting current transformer, bushing,insulators.etc.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Epoxy resin VOE-9216D 100pbw
Hardener VOH-9216 D 100pbw
Filling Silica flour 300-320pbw
Colour paste LC-series 3pbw


Bi-component Epoxy resin system / Liquid Proterties
Can be used to the processes of APG&Conventional casting process under vacuum.
Excellent splitting resistance&heat shock resistance
Excellent technical&mechanical properties


Medium&high voltage electrical insulation parts
Such as:10kv、35kv current&voltage transformers and other insulators etc.

Product data

VOE-9216D is a kind of modified BPA epoxy resin VOH-9216D is a kind of liquid carboxylic anhydride hardener

Properties Unit Value
Appearance Visual Transparent sticky liquid
Viscosity mPa.s 3000-6000   (at 25℃)
Density g/cm3 1.16-1.20   (at 25℃)
Vapour  pressure Pa ﹤0.01    (at 25℃)
Flash point About 135
Properties Unit Value
Appearance Visual lightyellow-colourlessliquid
Viscosity mPa.s 750-1500  (at 25℃)
Density g/cm3 1.17-1.24  (at 25℃)
Vapour pressure Pa About 0.5
Flash point About 140

Process Condition

Process parameter APG Vacuum  process
Mix temperature 40℃/1-2 hours 60℃/1-2 hours
Feeding process Pressure(0.5-5bar) Vacuum
Mould temperature 130-150℃ 80-100℃
Gelation times 10-30 mins 3-6 hours
Cure conditions 130-140℃×6-10 hours 130-140℃×6-10 hours

Gelation times

Temperature Gelation time
at   120℃ 16-24 mins
at   140℃ 6-9 mins
at   160℃ 3-5 mins

Mechanical and Physical Properties

Test systems:VOE- 9216D/VOH-9216D/Filling Mixture ratio:100/100/300 Cure conditions:80℃×4hours+140℃×8hours
Note: The data measured according to GB, only for userS reference. Specific application datas should be tested according to users’ actual conditions.

Properties Value
Tg(DSC) 60-80℃
Tensile strength 65-85N/ mm2
Flexural strength 120-150N/ mm2
Compressive strength 140-180N/ mm2
Impact strength 10-18kJ/ m2
Cure shrinkage 0.7-0.9%
Flammability (4mm) HB
Flammability (12mm) V1
Properties Value
Thermal conductivity 0.8-0.9W/mk
Thermal degradation temperature >320℃
Water absorption(23℃×10days) 0.10-0.20 %by wt.
Water absorption (100℃×60mins) 0.08-0.15 %by wt.
Surface resistivity 1014Ω
Volume resistivity 1015Ω.cm
Dielectric strength 30 kv/mm
Loss factor 0.02

Storage of the components (resin or hardener etc.) at 6-35℃
in tightly sealed and dry. Under these conditions, the shelf life will correspond to the expiration date (1 year).After this date ,the product may be processed only following re-analysis.Partial emptied containers should be closed tightly immediately after use.


Epoxy resin 20kg/pail or 220kg/pail Hardener 20kg/pail or 220kg/pail

First Aid

Contamination of the eyes by resin,hardener or casting mix
should be treated immediately by flusing with clean,running water for 10 to 15 minutes.A doctor shuold then be consulted.Material smeared or splashed on the skin should be dabbde off,and the contaminated area then washed and treated with a cleansing cream (see above).A doctor should be consulted in the event of severe irritation or burns.Contaminated clothing should be changed immediately.Anyone taken ill after inhaling vapours should be moved out of doors immediately.In all case of doubt call for medical assistandce.

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